Sketch Lecture Room and Library

December 8, 2015

Enjoying the Gourmet Rapide Lunch at Sketch is becoming an annual thing for my sister and I. This is simply one of the best and well-established 2 Michelin starred restaurants and I can’t think of any other adjectives to describe how good they are. The whole Sketch experience isn’t purely on the food, the setting plays a big part, as the idea is to make you feel you entered a surreal space where you can temporarily put all your worries behind you, as you’ll be sucked into the enjoyment.

If you can’t afford to pay hundreds of pounds dining out, you can just go for their set lunch because it’s an affordable three course meal, which includes 1/2 bottle of wine, 1/2 bottle of water, tea or coffee and petits four, all for £53. While £53 sounds a lot, the quality and quantity of the food will change your perception!

For the starter and dessert, you get 3 plates for each course, a fantastic idea as you will be able to try everything.

I’m desperate to write and post pictures to describe what is like before entering the Lecture Room and the Library, but then I considered that whoever is reading this and haven’t been there, it will be a massive spoiler!


The wines that come with the set menu are carefully selected. My sister and I shared a bottle of white wine, which is board, low acid with a hint of smoky bite. Live is so good. Seriously!


We were being served with our petits four to accompany our wine. The cheese balls on the right is my all time favourite. My sister and I ended up fighting over the last one. We got something new in the martini glass this time; it’s lime jelly with some green olives on a skewer. It was so refreshing and the saltiness from the olive struck a good balanced from the acidity of the lime jelly.


For the starter, we had four plates: gratinated cornish mussels, foie gras velouté with Manzanilla served with artichokes and dried apricots, pomegranate with bulgur wheat and cream cheese, and baked endive with grapefruit. To be honest, I was hoping I would get the mushroom soup I had last time, but the foie gras velouté was equally as good, so why should I complain?


From my previous experience, I know I need to order something light with my main, otherwise I will be too stuffed after the whole meal, so I got the confit Scottish cod with cauliflower cream and bergamot sauce for my main. The whole thing was light and it melts in your mouth. The cauliflower cream coated nicely on each bite of the cod and the bergamot sauce brings in a hint of freshness to the dish without overpowering the flavour.


With our last course, the nice french waiter brought us 3 desserts each, biscuit on the toasted chestnut cream, panna cotta on crushed berries cover with a white chocolate circle, and the chocolate cake with birthday wishes on the plate!
Both of us love chestnut, and what was presented in front of us just tasted like a decomposed Mont-Blanc. We enjoyed every spoonful of it and I was tempted to clean the dish with my finger. 😀 Gross I know…


My birthday celebration is never ending, but I guess this is a very good excuse to share good food with someone you care about.



Okay, this sounds crazy, but they served us with more sweets after our dessert. The sweets were far too sweet for my liking, but I still insisted to try all of them. The orange turkish delight wasn’t as sweet as I thought it would be, and it left a nice orange fragrance in my mouth. With a sip of coffee, it tasted like orange coffee!



Sketch always find ways to surprise you, namely the cute coffee cup and your bill hidden within a book. We finished our lunch around 5pm, isn’t this how life is supposed to be? Well, if you don’t know the feeling, visit Sketch and find out if you feel the same way.



Sketch Lecture Room and Library
9 Conduit St, Mayfair, UK W1S 2XG

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