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Finding Grilltopia, Free burgers

May 24, 2016

Having the opportunity to work in central London has given me countless freebies, but this is my first time where I’ve come across a food stall dishing out free burger with fries. The food stall was located outside the main entrance into of King’s Cross station. Initially I thought Hellman’s were simply trying to promote their mayonnaise, but then I realised Grilltopia is a campaign launched by Hellman’s in order to promote their new range of BBQ and hot sauces.

image 03-Grilltopia-staffAnyway, while we were queuing up, one of the promoters explained about the new range of sauces they offer. I got all excited and couldn’t wait to try the sauces she mentioned, even though she lied to me about the fact that the Brazilian sauce contains mango!


It didn’t take us long to get our free burger and fries! It was very generous of them, serving good quality beef burgers in a bisque bun. The fries were nicely coated with sea salt too. If they stay in King’s Cross any longer, they will definitely put Mc Mercy opposite out of business.

05-Grilltopia-burger 06-Grilltopia-chips

The food stall was a van and there was a table with different sauces beside the van. The “saucelogist” on the sauce table served us all sauces we wanted to try.

07-Grilltopia-saucemaster 07-Grilltopia-sauce-stand

Thumbs up to the Grilltopia team, they had a really good vibe to keep everyone in the queue smiling. 🙂 #grilltopia

To track where they are giving out burgers next, please go to

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